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The growing popularity of domestic holidays among Brits may be driven by choice rather than necessity, according to a new study.

Research by the Institute of Customer Service suggests that 85% of British holidaymakers stay in the UK out of choice, and only 15% out of necessity.

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Jo Causon, chief executive at the Institute of Customer Service, said: “UK tourism appears to be going through something of a renaissance. The industry has capitalised on the trend for ‘staycationing’ in the recession to showcase what it now has to offer, and shake off any lingering image of Fawlty Towers-style poor service, inedible food and shabby accommodation."

"However, the London Olympics will be the largest peacetime mobilisation our country has ever faced. The British tourism industry can ill afford to rest on its laurels.”

The study found Brits increasingly positive about the country's tourism offering:

 > 73% rate British service as equal to or better than service abroad
 > 88% believe that UK tourism has significantly improved in recent years
 > 87% would describe Britain as a world-class tourist destination

The UK Consumer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) has found that 40% of Brits are planning a UK holiday this year and 45% say they have taken one in the past two years.

Of those travellers who choose to go abroad, 25% say they do so only because of the unpredictable British weather. A further 32% said they just wanted to get away from it all.



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