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In the quest for a truly relaxing week away from it all, British holidaymakers are letting themselves in for sleepless nights. A widespread lack of preparation and planning means they spend over the odds and beyond their means both at home and abroad during the summer break.


Algarve Car Hire brit holidays in the sunIn a survey commissioned by discount code website, almost half the respondents (46%) admit to always spending more than they budgeted on holiday. They find things more expensive than they expected when they get there (48%) and don’t account for essential elements alongside the basic cost of the holiday. A large number (39%) say they embrace the holiday spirit when they’re away and don’t care about overspending – it’s all about switching off and forgetting everyday cares on a well-deserved break. But back at home, nearly half say they worry or even lose sleep about how they’ll fund their cherished holiday indulgence.

More than half (51%) of the people questioned say they don’t even think about the exchange rate on an overseas holiday until they get there. A quarter say they forget to budget for key items like taxis to and from the airport. One in seven have had to borrow money while away or arrange a transfer into their bank account from home, while one in five admits overspending because of pestering from the kids.

The unwelcome financial surprises don’t end there. The survey reveals that pre-holiday costs add substantially to the price of going away, whether it’s in the UK or abroad. Almost 9 out of 10 respondents spend on summer holiday clothes for themselves and their families, splashing out on average £74 just on kitting out the kids. Almost as many buy luggage and other holiday sundries before they go, typically spending around £50.

“Getting through the school holidays and paying for trips away really does stretch families’ finances, so it’s surprising that more people don’t take simple steps to manage their spending, stay out of debt and get the most from their hard-earned cash,” says Founder of, Paula Felstead. She and her team have come up with some basic advice to avoid paying for a relaxing break in overspending-related stress for months afterwards. “Plan ahead and think carefully about your budget and how to control costs so you’re prepared when you get there and can truly afford to switch off,” she says. “Holiday time is special, whether you’re at home or away, but the relaxation and enjoyment we all crave doesn’t need to cost a fortune, either by design or by mistake.”




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Seven summer stress-busting savings tips from
1. Research prices where you’re hoping to go before you book, including the exchange rate
2. Don’t get carried away with last minute summer clothes and travel accessory shopping – look out for bargains and discounts in the run up to your break
3. Shop in advance for supplies if you’re going by car and self-catering
4. Agree a spending budget with the whole family, including an allowance for treats and kids’ activities
5. Don’t forget to include the cost of transfers if you book flights or train travel independently
6. Book parking, taxis and event or admission tickets in advance for the best deals
7. Think about what you really want and prioritise it in your budget and choices. If eating and drinking out is key to your holiday, pick more basic accommodation or packages – you’re not going to be in much anyway. If kids’ activities are most important, pick a holiday with free facilities
or inclusive childcare.

Paula continues, “Making sure you’ve got the best price on all the things you need can be very time consuming. If you can’t justify spending days searching the web for holiday deals and things you need to get you through the summer break, let a money saving voucher site help you. We have many deals on to help you keep on budget this summer and a study last year showed that the average family can save around £50 per month by using such deals.”


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