Bargain-Hunting Brits Seek Cheap Holidays Print

Research published today has revealed that UK citizens are increasingly hunting down cheap flights and cheap hotels abroad in the off-season period, instead of booking the traditional summer holiday.



Brits seeking for bargain car hire holidaysA poll carried out by Halifax revealed that nearly one in four British holidaymakers would rather take their breaks between October and December, instead of the more usual period between May and September. Over 11 million people will be taking their main holiday in the last few months of the year, spending a total of £9 billion on cheap flights and £500 million on accommodation and other holiday expenses.

The wider availability of cheap flights and offers on cheap hotels during the off-season is the biggest reason for this change according to 23 per cent of people polled, and another said that they found they could travel further afield on their holiday budget during this time.

When it comes to destinations, the Halifax survey revealed that nearly 3 million UK holidaymakers would be seeking cheap flights to long-haul destinations beyond Eurasia. Another 2.5 million people were looking for winter sunshine breaks via cheap flights to the Mediterranean and southern Europe.



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Halifax director of credit cards Ken Stannard said: "Low-season holidays hold a great deal of appeal for those that are looking to get away but still make the most of their money."

Travel market analysts have themselves noted the large number of UK travellers booking cheap flights to Greece and other holiday hot spots in the last few months of 2010. Turkey and Egypt holidays have also been popular because of those countries' climate, and position outside the Eurozone.