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Randy British holiday makers risk facing arrests and fines by not checking out local laws, a recent study has found.

British nationals being charged with indecent public exposureThe research was conducted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) who advise that Brits embarking on holidays in popular destinations like Egypt and Corfu should be aware of the different laws that apply.

“In Corfu, there have been various cases of British nationals being charged with indecent public exposure for ‘mooning’, often at local police,” the FCO told

The study found that many women sunbathe topless, ignorant of the laws and customs of the land. Half of the women interviewed in the FCO study had no idea if their actions were against the law of not. More rambunctious activities would carry stricter actions as experienced by the British couple who were arrested after having sex on a beach whilst on holiday in Dubai.

The FCO added: “Problems do often spring from Brits visiting countries with unfamiliar laws and customs and falling foul of the law without even realising they have done anything wrong.”

Some of the laws that may lead to Brits facing the long arm of the law, include the illegality of homosexuality in Morroco and Goa. In Abu Dhabi it is even illegal to kiss in public. Travellers should also be aware that different parts of countries may have different laws. For instance Sharm el Sheikh is somewhat more lenient than other parts of Egypt, so holiday makers should be careful to adhere to local rules.

At the British Embassy in Egypt, Richard Fielder warned: “People need to be responsible for checking the local laws and customs before travelling to avoid getting themselves into trouble.”



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