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Pound vs euro drops 9.5% in a year, says new figures PDF Print E-mail

Holidaymakers in the eurozone will find that the value of pound sterling against the euro has decreased 9.5% compared to last year, it was revealed today.



Sterling droped face to Euro making Car Hire expensiveAlthough countries such as Spain, Greece and Portugal have remained popular holiday choices this summer, M&S Money has said that many Brits will feel the effect of currency fluctuation when they are in the destination.


Its research also said the sterling had dropped 17% against the Swiss franc, more than 15% on the Australian dollar and more than 5% against South African rand.

Meanwhile the Turkish lira and Egyptian pound worked more in Brits’ favour, gaining 11% and 12% respectively. The US dollar and UAE dirham also both gained 7% against the pound.

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